History of GLPL

The Grand Lodge of the Principality Liechtenstein was chartered in 2016 by the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of the State "Andrés Quintana Roo" of Mexico. Our Mother Grand Lodge is member of the Confederacion Masonica Interamericana known as CMI and the Confederation of the Regular Grand Lodges of Mexico, to both of which the Commission on Information for Recognition heavily relies, serving the Conference of Grand Masters of North America.

The First Grand Master Herbert Haberhauer was duly installed at the Consecration as the 1st Grand Master by the M\W \ Brother Angel Florentino González Buenfil, Grand Master of "Andrés Quintana Roo" Grand Lodge, supported by the Past Grand Master and Junior Grand Warden of MW Grand Lodge of Nova Scotia (Canada) M\W \ Brother George Grant. Present was the MW Grand Lodge of Mexico City represented by its current Grand Master Mauricio Salinas and two Past Grand Masters. The Grand Lodge of Mexico City is the only Mexican Grand Lodge recognized by the York Grand Lodge of Mexico.

Most of the Grand Officers are members of good standing of such eminent Grand Lodges like: GL of Mexico City, Grand Lodge of the State "Andrés Quintana Roo, Grand Lodge of Cuba, Grand Lodge of Connecticut, Grand Lodge of Kentucky, Symbolic Grand Lodge of Paraguay, Grand Lodge Alexandru Ioan Cuza (Romania), Grand Lodge of the Masonic High Council of Serbia, Regular Grand Lodge "United Europe" (Romania), Grand Lodge Traditional of Serbia, The Grand Traditional Lodge of Italy, The Grand Lodge Jerusalem of A & A Freemasons in Israel

Our Obedience has its legitimacy of origin and no claims from any Grand Lodge or Masonic body over the territory of the Principality, because we constituted for the very first time in the history of Principality Liechtenstein the three founding Lodges, namely "York" "Mexico" and "Ostarrichi" with Charters issued by "Andres Quintana Roo" Grand Lodge.

The MW Grand Lodge Grand Lodge of Principality Liechtenstein is working to the Glory of the Grand Architect of the Universe, with open TGL of Freemasonry, namely the Bible, Square and Compasses, in all our Temples and ritual works or assemblies. We use the York Ritual (Duncan Monitor) in the Symbolic first three Degrees of Freemasonry and our Grand Lodge has the autonomous power of its Jurisdiction over all Constituent Blue Lodges on the territory of Principality Liechtenstein. Believe in God or Supreme Being is the necessary precondition for any petitioner of our Obedience. Any discussions on religion, politics, racial or nationality subject are strictly forbidden.

Our membership is composed only of man and any ritual work consisting female members is clandestine and prohibited. Our Grand Lodge has at the time three Constituent Lodges, namely the founding Lodges of our Obedience.